The End Arrives - the Month of Meddle

Home of the Month of Meddle. The Excelsior Labyrinth is comprised of great plates of raw Diamond thrust out of various points of existence and converging here. Hidden within the sharp twists and turns of the Labyrinth are dozens of monsters that the deities may use in a game to stitch the universe back together.
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The End Arrives - the Month of Meddle

Postby Diamond Master » Tue Sep 03, 2013 3:00 am

The end arrives.

The Abrominae thrashes violently in its resting place within the Diamond, provoking a new force and causing something new to begin.

Internal stresses are too much for the invincible Diamond of Existence. A shockwave ripples along it, gathering energy and pressure from each of the strange fiery internal Facets. By the time it reaches the outermost Facets, the force has grown shatteringly enormous.

Entire Facets slide out of alignment with the Diamond, shards grating along a slicing path. Across any vulnerable or unlucky universe, the force of the quake is felt. The Immortal Facets are no exception, and everyone is thrown to the ground. The Diamond Watchtower rises into the sky as the ground beneath it sinks away into the Lava Molt.

The great volcano of indivisible adamas, long dormant, awakens. Lava pours forth, carving out a new channel in the Gardens south of the Molt. In a way, it is a beautiful sight, with magma and fresh-cut adamas gleaming pure and smooth. The utmost tips of many and more Facets drive their way into the new region, dislocated from long resting places to come crashing home here. The effect is one of great chaos and complexity:

The Excelsior Labyrinth.


Like a certain unfortunate diamond on a certain insignificant Facet, the Excelsior Labyrinth soars high above the gardens as one of the most massive and impressive sights within, but it is shattered into a multitude of pieces, increasing entropy steeply.

Within the Labyrinth, creatures and lands from any Facet could be found. Diamonds stud the corridors and narrow passageways. Climbable faces shift overnight, eliminating passages between mountainous walls. Blood stains streets where unfortunate cities were wiped out by onrushing diamond glaciers. The next turn could always be a dead end after an unending onward hike. Or it could split into a hundred smaller passageways.

The Diamond's peace is in danger. But perhaps new treasures and insights might be found within the Excelsior Labyrinth.

The Month of Meddle begins September 30th.
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Re: The End Arrives - the Month of Meddle

Postby the Steep Norns » Tue Sep 03, 2013 3:17 am

The Norns have predicted this dire moment. Together with the Lady, we have been working on a plan.

A crack appears within the Hypercone Tree where we reside, appears at a location we predicted.

Within is a great spool of white thread. It gives off a cold light, so cold that the entire Gardens drops in temperature.

We unwind the thread a length at a time and carry it into the Labyrinth.

You can see that the thread is made of frosted adamas, almost invisible at times, sometimes glowing with white frosty light.

After much toil, toil, toil, the work is done.

We gather all the deities together beneath the Tree for a Council and speak as one.

"Dearies, we have a task for you. It is not optional, we fear."

"You must stitch the universe back together, dearies."

"You'll have to gather up the Frosted Threads, incubating within the Excelsior Labyrinth. Then you must send the threads deep within the Diamond to other universes, to sew them back into alignment with a reinforced stitch."

"Each thread is already growing a diamond egg of beautiful form around it, like an oyster grows a pearl. Your task is to find these eggs, hatch them, rear the creatures within, and set them loose upon some helpless campaign world, where they'll drag that Frosted Thread all around."

"A lot of those eggs will probably be guarded, so keep your wits about you."

"We'll pay you well for your work, dearies, yes we will."

"You must stitch the universe back together, dearies."

The Month of Meddle begins September 30th.
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Re: The End Arrives - the Month of Meddle

Postby Yerkan of Elish » Tue Sep 03, 2013 3:56 am

"Well, there's always one more world, isn't there. In this case, always one more world to stitch back together, it seems.

I'm not sure how strongly I believe that this Diamond of Existence is the only world out there, but I'm certainly not leaping into the chaos and doom without any sort of knowledge about what that entails. So I guess I'd best be helping out here. I'll do what I can."
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Re: The End Arrives - the Month of Meddle

Postby Ptah » Tue Sep 03, 2013 12:12 pm

"Stitching the universe back together, eh? I guess I already have some practice at that. This may prove to be an adventure."

I gaze up at the Labyrinth, marveling at its beauty.
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Re: The End Arrives - the Month of Meddle

Postby The Lady » Wed Sep 04, 2013 12:00 am

It is important that the existing gods stitch the world back together with the strewn threads of adamas.
But they will not be able to do this alone. It is important as well that you be accompanied by other possible gods or goddesses.

"Your will must be strong, for holding the world together will not be easy."

The Month of Meddle begins September 30th.
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Re: The End Arrives - the Month of Meddle

Postby Steepest Durin » Sun Sep 22, 2013 2:39 am

Not that beast again! I hope we don't have ta drive him off again. Life without magic is much less interestin'.
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