Abyss Rules Thread

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Abyss Rules Thread

Postby Diamond Master » Sun Sep 30, 2012 5:16 am

Click here to download the Abyss rules (PDF)
You will need a copy of this document to play, so please let Arachne (arachne@diamondpantheon.com) know if you cannot download it for whatever reason.

This thread is intended to be a place for questions about the rules of Abyss.

A brief overview of the rules:
1. There are two phases: Normal and Treachery.

2. The object of the game is to access and activate the Descent Pore Array. The reward will be divided among all those who complete the game round.

3. There are two dynamic types of things in the game: elements or furnishings (always underlined) and loot. These things may have different appearances, but will always fall into certain classes or archetypes.

4. Furnishings can be interacted with during normal phase, usually by applying a piece of loot or accessing the furnishing directly. It doesn't really matter what you do with it; it simply matters what elements you choose.

5. Loot can be searched for during normal phase - you will announce your intent to search, roll 2d10 and look up what loot that gives you on a chart, and then you have that item. Your find will not be announced but you can certainly announce it. However, you cannot search more than the player who has searched the least this phase. All search counts will be approximately equal.

6. During treachery phase, you can choose to kill up to half the players. Kills always succeed and are resolved simultaneously. The game announces who died and who made a kill, but not who killed who.

7. If you kill a player, there is a chance that their items will be destroyed. Any items not destroyed may go to one of their killers.

8. If an item is left in a furnishing at the time when treachery begins, that item might be destroyed.

9. You can talk to any player at any time during the normal phase only, as long as you cc the Game Master in the private message. You cannot talk about the game at all during treachery phase - you should report any player doing so.

10. You can also trade with other players, in public or in secret. Again, cc the Game Master in all messages.
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Re: Abyss Rules Thread

Postby Athena » Sat Jul 20, 2013 5:32 am

I thought it might be helpful to have the Loot table here, where it is easily accessible.

1. Dagger – this is usually your sole possession starting a new layer. It is treated just like all other items, though it has the special function of stabbing up to half (round up) the remaining players during the Treachery phase.
You may also start with other items.
The dagger item cannot be found randomly in a Layer, but it can sometimes be found in chests.
2. Runestaff – a black weapon of steel and wood, carved with forgotten signs of evil. This grants one extra kill at Treachery.
3. Umber gem - a portion of the shattered Bifrost
4. Karmic symbol – Lore says that this is the evil black half of the heavenly symbol of Balance, the setting sun and darkness.
5. Harp – A twisted, gnarly, tarnished silver instrument that may once have been beautiful. Tool.
6. Brown Gem – a portion of the shattered Bifrost
7. Rotsoil symbol – Lore says that this is the sign of mortal and immortal’s foreboding of returning to carbon chardust.
8. Bookends – a pair of gilt weights in the shape of snarling black mares. Tool.
9. Blue gem – a portion of the shattered Bifrost.
10. Pentacle symbol – Lore says that this is the symbol to bend malevolent power to the will of lawless spellweavers.
11. Orange gem – a portion of the shattered Bifrost.
12. Chain – A mass of iron links descending from some depressing layer above; it comes free at a tug and coils at your feet with a clamor. Tool.
13. Shutters – Made of close slats of some aphotic wood. Tool.
14. Red gem - a portion of the shattered Bifrost.
15. Animus symbol – Lore suggests that this rune, the ancient “A” rune, represents the unrestricted, bestial, and bloodthirsty side of nearly every being.
16. Violet gem – a portion of the shattered Bifrost.
17. Blood phial – A stained glass container filled with congealed blood. The heat from your hand causes it to glow with a strong red light. Tool.
18. Dark mirror – No light reflects from this enameled mirror; light which ought to strike elsewhere is often bent into the mirror’s blank surface, disappearing forever. Tool.
19. Indigo gem – the rarest portion of the shattered Bifrost.
20. Ancient symbol – Lore suggests that this symbol was left to warn against the presence of a terrible beast who guarded the most unholy places of the underworld.
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