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You have reached the boundaries of the Immortal Facets. Entry is not permitted for everyone: only the most powerful and honored of deities may achieve access.
Typically, you must be invited into our ranks by a sponsoring deity. If you are such a character, you have hopefully been in contact with the Steep Norns, who will be expecting to weave your entrance into the Pinnacle Tapestry. All others will not be approved.
If this does not describe you, you may still request entrance by sending an email to the Steep Norns at norns@diamondpantheon.com. Please include details as to your qualifications, including stories you have mastered in RPG or written form and why you deserve entrance into this RPG Divine Honors Society. Typical entrants are veteran GMs or extremely creative fiction writers. The Steep Norns reserve the right to refuse any and all entrants.

Your agreement

If you are a participant who has already been approved, by signing in you are agreeing to follow these terms:
  • To remain in-character in all canon threads
  • To remember that attacks against a character are distinct from attacks against a meatspacer. Do not take offense unreasonably.
  • To keep what you see here a secret as befits the motivations and machinations of the most powerful, influential wielders of the Story.
  • To accept that the members of the Unblemished Tier are the ultimate arbiters of the Stories within.
  • To point out obvious bugs rather than exploiting them
  • To avoid illegal exploits such as self-sponsorship - this should be done using Minion God sponsorship instead.


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